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This section contains general information to assist you in using HomeBanking. Simply scroll through the available topics at left and click on the topic you're interested in. If you find you need additional information, please contact Membership Services at (800) 442-7340.

Address Of Record

Your address of record is the address we have on file for you. If you want to change your address, please send written notification to Membership Services.


Your account balances are updated daily as transactions occur.


If you find an error in the status of any of your accounts, please contact Membership Services immediately.

Membership Services:

You may contact Membership Services any of the following ways:

  • Messages: Click on the Send Mail button under the Messages section of HomeBanking
  • Phone: (269) 375-6702 or toll free (800) 442-7340
  • Mail: Educational Community Credit Union, 1551 S 9th Street, Kalamazoo, MI 49009
  • E-Mail:


You can export information about your accounts to your PC and then import that information into other applications. Click on "EXPORT" to download the selected history. In order to be imported into most financial packages, the file extension of the downloaded file needs to be "QIF".


You can get a history of the activity for a particular account by selecting one of the available options. You may select "Recent Transactions" or specify a month. You also have the option to receive the information with the transactions listed as "most recent first" by checking the box.

Interest Rate

The interest rate shown for a particular account is the one currently in effect for that account. If you have questions about how the interest rate is calculated, contact Membership Services.

Sidebar Buttons:

Sidebar buttons appear on the left-hand side of each page and provide quick access to the sub-sections within each main section. By clicking on any of the following Sidebar buttons, you can easily move from one sub-section to another:


Gives you a view of all your account titles and balances for savings, checking, certificates, and loans.
Summary: Gives you a consolidated view of your savings, checking, certificate of deposit and loan accounts.
Details: Gives you a brief detail of your balance of each of your accounts individually.
History: Receive a history of the activity for a particular account by selecting one of the available options.

Transfers: Allows you to transfer funds, have a withdrawl check mailed to your address or purchase a certificate of deposit.
Transfer Funds: Lets you transfer funds from any one of your share or line of credit accounts into any one of your share/loan accounts. You can also transfer funds from any one of your share accounts into any one of another member's share accounts. (An application must first be completed for member-to-member service to be activated on your account.)
Check Request: For a withdrawal by check from any share/loan account. (Check will be mailed to your home the next business day.)
Buy Certificates: Lets you purchase a certificate of deposit. (IRA certificates are not available to purchase on-line. Please contact Membership Services.)

Services: Reorder checks, change your PIN/Password or view statements.
Check Reorder: Login to reorder checks, change styles and select accessories. (No changes to address are allowed. For changes, please contact Membership Services.)
PIN/Password: Select a new Pin and/or password for your account.
Statements: Select statements to view or download free Adobe Reader Software.

Messages: Gives you the opportunity to read news bulletins, view current rates and communicate with ECCU by reading and sending messages.
Information: Read news bulletins or check the current savings, certificate of deposit and loan rates.
Read Mail: Read messages sent by ECCU.
Send Mail: Send messages directly to a specific department or branch office.